Kirk Ferentz' buyout is massive. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz listens to a question during a news conference for the Vrbo Citrus Bowl, Friday, Dec. 31, 2021, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Fla. 211231 Citrus Iowa Kentucky Presser 009 Jpg

Kirk Ferentz has been the head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes since 1999 and, based on the massive size of his buyout, it sure looks like it’s going to stay that way for quite a while.

Ace Anbender of took on the task of compiling the various coaching contracts from across the Big Ten, and even though he knew Ferentz’s buyout was massive, the actual number turned out to be even bigger than he expected.

According to Anbender, Ferentz’s buyout is equal to $6 million per year for the duration of his contract. Since Ferentz has eight years remaining on his deal with the Hawkeyes, that means that if Iowa were to fire Ferentz today, they would still owe him a mindblowing $48 million.

If that seems like a massive number for a head coach who hasn’t won a conference title since 2004 and has just a .582 winning percentage in Big Ten play, you are not alone.

As word of Ferentz’s gigantic buyout reached those throughout the college football world, many expressed their shock at just how large the number was – as well as just how impressed they are with his aptly-named agent.

Of course, this number only matters if Iowa were to actually fire Ferentz, which seems rather unlikely at this point, especially after the school gave him a four-year extension worth $7 million per year just a few months ago.

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