A t-shirt cannon proved disastrous for Colorado's Chip The Buffalo this weekend.

The most embarrassing football injury from this past weekend may come from the Colorado Buffaloes’ mascot. During their 45-14 home win against New Hampshire Saturday, mascot Chip The Buffalo was playing around with a t-shirt cannon the way mascots do, and managed to shoot himself in the groin:

This led to the cart being brought out:

Fortunately, Chip later tweeted that he’s fine.

T-shirt cannon safety is very important, though. And at least this didn’t happen during a scholarship reveal. We can also add this to the list of mascotinvolved injuries, but fortunately, this one was only to the mascot. But it’s up there with some of the more painful ones. The video is highly recommended as an example of a film in a famed genre, though:

[Josh Parcell on Twitter]

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