The Big Ten logo.

Since news broke that the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins were leaving the Pac-12 and joining the Big Ten, conference realignment has been the primary conversation throughout the college football landscape.

The shocking move seemed to indicate that conference realignment is just getting started and that the Big Ten and the SEC are on the verge of becoming two mega-conferences that will dominate college football.

As a result, the questions have begun about where the next big move will come from. Will the Big Ten will pursue more west coast schools like Oregon or Washington? Will longtime independent Notre Dame will finally join a conference?

Now, you can do more than just speculate about the next big conference realignment move – you can bet on it.

With plenty of interest in the changing college football landscape, online sportsbook Bovada released odds for which school would be the next to accept an invitation from the Big Ten and the SEC. Oregon and Notre Dame are co-favorites to next join the Big Ten at +150 while Clemson is the favorite to join the SEC at +250.

Upon seeing these odds the college football world certainly had some thoughts, questioning why some teams were even listed or even why people would place a bet on something like this in the first place.

Hey, it’s the offseason. Why not?