Ohio State Buckeyes

It’s been a long several months for former Ohio State cornerback Damon Arnette, who was a first-round pick by the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020, and it just got worse on Tuesday morning as Arnette was arrested in Miami on drug charges.

TMZ Sports reports that Arnette was pulled over twice on Monday night and early Tuesday morning in Miami Beach. During the first traffic stop, police discovered Arnette had been driving on a suspended license and issued him a citation, telling him that he was not permitted to drive until his license was reinstated.

However, just hours later, Arnette was pulled over once again and this time was arrested for knowingly driving with a suspended license. During his second traffic stop on Tuesday morning, police found a “cocaine-like substance” in Arnette’s pocket along with a straw “resembling a device that is common for cocaine usage.”

This, of course, is not Arnette’s first public run-in with the law. Back in November, Arnette was arrested after a video emerged of the former first-round pick making death threats against someone while carrying a gun. TMZ reports, however, that those charges have since been dropped, though they are unable to confirm why.

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