For a few years now, Dartmouth football’s MVP has literally been MVP (Mobile Virtual Player), a robotic tackling dummy used during practice to allow players the opportunity to hit something without injuring one another.

The 5-foot-11-inch, 200-plus-pound robot is pretty speedy, running a 4.8-second 40-yard-dash. All of that power and speed can make MVP a pretty daunting opponent on the field. When left unchecked, it can also make it a pretty fantastic comedy prop when called for.

Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams was recently doing an interview after the school’s pro day for Football Gameplan. It’s a normal interview about Williams’ potential for the NFL and what he hoped to accomplish. Nothing too special.

But it’s what’s happening behind the interview that makes it so damn wonderful.

Our favorite moments are…

3:33 – MVP blows past two unsuspecting kids.

3:49 – As if waiting for it’s cue, MVP slowly crosses across the screen.

4:59 – MVP makes one kid look like a fool, running circles around him.

5:49 – MVP books it across the field for no god damn reason.

6:21 – Out of nowhere, MVP shows off that trademark speed.

6:49 – Two MVPs appear! One takes a tumblin’ but keeps on bumblin’ and stumblin’

7:09 – The pièce de résistance. If you don’t laugh, you’re not human. Then again, neither is MVP.

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