Now that the ACC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 have announced an alliance, fans are wondering what that means for the three conferences. A lot of this has to do with scheduling, focusing on football and basketball (both men’s and women’s) but a hidden factor could possibly be realignment with each conference working together to add schools to their respective conferences.

Longtime head coach, and current Fox Sports analyst, Dave Wannstedt stirred the pot and put out a potentially wild realignment scenario he had heard. Wannstedt revealed on Chicago’s 670 The Score that he was at the Fox meetings in Phoenix last week, mingling with his Fox Sports colleagues and other college football people, and shared the potential destinations of five Big 12 schools:

  • Oklahoma State and Kansas State to the Pac-12.
  • West Virginia to the ACC.
  • Kansas and Iowa State to the Big Ten.

Obviously, what Wannstedt said is purely speculation and should be treated as such. Meetings like these can be used to get deals like these done but they can also be the source of some incredibly absurd rumors that have no chance of happening.

Where does this bit of information lie, it’s too early to say. Personally, I believe Wannstedt that he heard this in Phoenix. It’s just that I would like to know if he heard this within some official setting or after some BS’ing at the hotel bar one night. Where this was discussed is kind of important in figuring out if this actually has some legs. If this winds up happening, that would only leave the three Texas schools (Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech) in the Big 12.

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