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Jackson, Mississippi is in the middle of a water crisis.

The citizens of the state capital are without water and that affects all of its residents, including the students and faculty at Jackson State University. Flooding has caused residents to have to boil their water for weeks until the problem is solved. The federal government, as well as the state of Mississippi, are well aware of the crisis and trying to do something about it. Governor Tate Reeves has declared a state of emergency.

In the meantime, Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders discussed what’s going on in his city and how his team is coping.

“We got hit with a little crisis in the city of Jackson,” Sanders said. “We don’t have any water. Water means we don’t have air conditioning. We can’t use toilets. We don’t have water, therefore we don’t have ice. That pretty much places a burden on the program. Right now, we’re operating in crisis mode.

“I gotta get these kids off campus, the ones that live on campus, and the ones that live in the city of Jackson into a hotel to accommodate them so they can shower properly and just take care of their needs. Make sure all our kids are fed. Make sure our kids have all the necessities of life for the next several days until this crisis resides.”

The Tigers open their season Saturday against Florida A&M and hopefully the water issues are solved soon before people suffer more.

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