Deion Sanders Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders walks up and down the sideline in the Southern Heritage Classic between Tennessee State University and Jackson State University at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, Tenn., on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021. Hpt Southern Heritage Classic 14

Comments made by Alabama coach Nick Saban regarding the NIL deals of players at Texas A&M and Jackson State have generated immense buzz around the college football world. Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher had a fiery response. Initially, Jackson State coach Deion Sanders promised a reply of his own to what he called a lie from Saban. Now, he has another idea.

Sanders decided not to talk on the issue. Instead, he issued a challenge to Saban to settle it on the field. Saban’s Alabama team against Sanders’ Jackson State team.

Saban hasn’t exactly generated a lot of sympathy for his comments, to a point where even he did some backtracking from them. Nevertheless, college football fans were mostly unsure if Sanders challenging the perennial powerhouse in Alabama was a good idea.

Though, there would be some benefits for Sanders and the Tigers.

Jackson State would certainly receive a nice payout from the kind of game. So, that is a positive.

From an on-field perspective, this is probably not Sanders’ best idea. While the Tigers had a great season in 2021, they did lose two games against FCS (FKA Division Division I-AA) teams. Going against a powerhouse Alabama program would likely not yield pretty results.

But if Sanders is really serious about this challenge, there’s a good chance that it can happen. From his decades of coaching, we can safely say two things about Saban. One, he knows how to win. Two, he loves scheduling Division I-AA opponents.

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