Following his speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump tweeted out a video that played up, of all the things, the amount of time audiences spent clapping for him.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, the percentage of time that the video said audiences were clapping (33%) was incorrect (more like 32%).

It was the latest in a long time of strange PR moves by Trump but it also got us thinking about another group of candidates trying to convince someone of their worthiness.

The schools interested in joining the Big 12 now that the 10-team conference has announced it will evalute expansion.

It’s not enough for schools to simply present facts and make arguments, they have to wow the populace. Turn the tide to their favor. Whether or not their claims are 100% sound or even if their percentages are 100% accurate, well that’s not the point.

So, The Comeback presents to you these video appeals to the Big 12 Conference on behalf of the most ardent possible additions.


Boise State






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