Duke essentially avoids playing road games out of conference, and there’s a good chance Mike Krzyzewski has at least considered proposing an ACC rule that would give Duke nothing but home games in-conference, as well.

That meant today’s game in Tallahasee against #13 Florida State was one of top-ranked Duke’s first big tests of the season, and it lived up to the billing (and made ESPN look smart for cutting away early from the Louisville-North Carolina blowout), with Florida State pushing Duke down to the wire, holding a one-point lead with less than three seconds to play.

After an interminable delay featuring multiple timeouts and a lengthy Ted Valentine review of something only he seemed to be looking for (the other officials weren’t even at the monitor, they were waiting to put the ball in play), Duke ended up getting this look out of their out of bounds set for Cam Reddish. It was a good one:

And so, Duke barely escapes, and we’re left with nothing but a reminder that college basketball would be a lot more fun if teams like Duke had to actually play more true road games.

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