When your college football program typically hovers at the bottom of the Big 10, it can be tough to get people to come watch you play. It gets even worse when most students haven’t moved in yet and a good chunk of your fanbase isn’t even there to enjoy the action.

So for Rutgers, they decided to give those who made the trek to Piscataway an added perk in their first game against Washington by installing hot tubs above the Rutgers student section. And in the interest of safety, Rutgers even had a lifeguard on hand.

A hot tub at any time is a nice and relaxing way to spend an evening, having one overlooking a college football game as we head into the chilly nights of autumn has to be near heaven.

The student section at High Point Solutions Stadium looked pretty full considering most of the student body hasn’t moved in and those who have are probably back home for Labor Day weekend. But despite that, the hot tubs seemed to be a hit even though Rutgers lost 30-14. If Rutgers decide to do this for a November game, that may be the “hottest” ticket in Piscataway.


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