The First Responder Bowl (which, as you probably already knew, featured Boston College and Boise State and was being played at the Cotton Bowl) was delayed after only about ten minutes went off the clock in the first quarter. Then, after lightning and storms stayed in the area, the game was eventually just canceled.

Here’s what ended up being essentially the only highlight, a touchdown run from A.J. Dillon:

Throughout the delay, the bowl’s Twitter account kept up a running diary of sorts. There were obviously plenty of weather updates:

As well as some (honestly pretty shaky) music opinions:

And then, finally, the official word:

The game won’t count, or be rescheduled, obviously.

And it’s here we have to remind everyone the argument that expanding the playoff would make bowl season irrelevant is an argument resting on an inherently false premise. These games could go on being just as consequential as they’d otherwise be if there are eight or sixteen teams in a playoff, because they’re not consequential now! They’re meaningless! This one just got canceled like it was a Tuesday night slow-pitch game, and no one is going to care more or less if there was an upcoming eight-team playoff.

Anyway, it was pretty funny that the First Responder Bowl was canceled due to an emergency weather situation.

It obviously sucks for people who traveled, and it does rob the country of solid Boxing Day college football viewing. Hopefully next year’s goes better.

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