Hail Mary passes are by definition tough to complete.

They don’t always come at the end of games, though, and in fact sometimes the end-of-half Hail Mary throws are more easily completed. With no game on the line, teams are occasionally less likely to expect a full-on Hail Mary attempt, so there’s less full prevent and maybe just less alertness overall.

Plus kickers are so good now that, even in college, field goal range has crept back far enough to rival the ability of a quarterback to actually get a ball to the end zone anyway.

Today’s Florida-LSU game in Baton Rouge, though, saw Florida give one a try to end the first half, and LSU’s defense just sort of abandoned ship in the end zone.

That’s a hell of a way to finish the half for the Gators, who hadn’t played that well but ended up within a score.

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