Ontaria Wilson catches a touchdown for Florida State after a flea-flicker

The first full weekend of college football has seen teams get creative in their play-calling. Some trick plays have failed spectacularly. But in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against LSU, Florida State ran a trick play that was executed flawlessly.

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis took the snap and handed off to Treshaun Ward, who pitched the ball back to receiver Mycah Pittman in an apparent reverse. Only, Pittman flipped the ball back to Travis, who fired to receiver Ontaria Wilson in the end zone. Wilson was wide open and while a slight underthrow allowed LSU defensive back, Mekhi Garner, to make up some ground on Wilson before the ball arrived, it was not enough. Wilson caught the ball for a 39-yard touchdown.

The reaction to the touchdown was mixed. Some college football fans credited the Seminoles for executing the play so well. Others were wondering what exactly LSU’s defense was doing on the play.

In truth, there’s plenty of credit and blame to go around. Sometimes, plays are just executed well and when that happens, there’s not much an opposing defense can do. But the fact that Florida State had so much time to execute the play and that Wilson still caught the ball easily despite an underthrow is not a great reflection on LSU.

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