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On Friday, Jimbo Fisher decided to leave Florida State, where he won the 2013 national championship, for Texas A&M and their 10-year $75 million salary offer. And as is often the case when a successful coach leaves one job for another, Fisher seems to have left some hurt feelings behind.

As news of Fisher’s departure broke, Seminoles quarterback Deondre Francois tweeted, “No call, no text, you could of said something …”

Now maaaaaybe it just so happens that Francois’ girlfriend abruptly abandoned him or something, but that would be one hell of a coincidence. The tweet was pretty clearly about Fisher.

For what it’s worth, other Florida State players seem to feel less spurned by their coach’s swift exit.

It seems that almost every time a coach leaves a school, someone accuses him of having done so in a crass or inconsiderate way. That could be because all coaches are selfish jerks who don’t care about their players the way they claim to, or it could be because there’s no good way to bail for another job. Most people who complain about how a coach leaves are probably in fact upset about the fact he left at all. After all, amid what was presumably a very chaotic week for Fisher, it’s fair that texting Deondre Francois wasn’t first on his to-do list.

However, that doesn’t mean Francois doesn’t have a right to be upset. As Deshaun Watson tweeted at Francois, “it’s a cold world lil bro.”

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