Florida State football has certainly seen better days within the program, but Willie Taggart is working to try turning things around in Tallahassee. To prove it, Florida State literally lined up for a play with a receiver turned around.

In the first half of a home game against Louisiana-Monroe, Florida State lined up to run a play from the ULM 36-yard line. The odd part of the formation was tight end Tre McKitty lining up on the left side of the formation, facing the opposite direction of the way the offense was moving.

This screenshot alone is a perfect way to summarize the current state of Florida State football, especially a week after the Seminoles choked up a transplanted-home game against Boise State. But this image needs a bit more context, as it should be noted this particular play ended up earning 10 yards for a first down. This was merely how the formation started.

Before the ball was snapped, McKinny was indeed facing the correct way, and he moved to a different spot before the play went off. In this instance, deception was the key, and it worked.

Because this play was actually by design, we can still call the time two Florida Gators blocked themselves is the ultimate football in gaffe in the Twitter age.

Whatever works for you, Florida State.

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