Normally when this site covers alligators, it’s when they act a bit threatening. Like this one that climbed a staircase and camped out on a porch. Or these giant ones on golf courses.

But the University of Florida’s Albert E. Gator is trying to put a more positive spin on the alligator brand. In an act of pure (and at the time, unappreciated) selflessness, Florida’s Albert E. Gator saw a foul ball heading his way.

Rather than attempt to catch it (not a good idea, due to literal alligator arms) or flee, he shielded a youngster who was in harm’s way:

Right on the meaty alligator forehead! The kid then attempting to resuscitate Albert is also amazing, and kind of makes the entire video.

Mascots are wonderful creatures.

Also, Florida needs to play a team with a horse-based mascot to reenact this particular fight.

Well done, Albert. We all now see what Alberta sees in you.

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Jay is a writer and editor for The Comeback, and a contributor at Awful Announcing. He is not a strong swimmer.