Zander Diamont was a cult hero for Indiana football fans during his short stint as a run-first backup quarterback. He also made headlines when he quit football after his junior season, a move he announced had more to do with worries over long-term effects from head trauma than it did over issues with Kevin Wilson, who was fired around the same time amid allegations of abusive behavior towards players.

Today, in the middle of a longer (and interesting!) thread about leadership and coaching, Diamont tweeted about an unnamed former coach in the Indiana program who once praised Hitler’s leadership skills.

Not good, though Diamont’s observation is keen. (Diamont is also on the IU Jewish Sports Wall of Fame.) Diamont didn’t name the coach, but he did clarify that it’s a coach who is no longer on the staff:

Then former IU receiver Dominque Booth confirmed the story:

Of course, Wilson (currently the offensive coordinator at Ohio State) isn’t named here, and hey, maybe the leader interested in leading through fear wasn’t the former head football coach fired for alleged mistreatment of players. It could have been one of his assistants. But regardless of who it was, that’s a pretty dumb comment to make.

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