Michigan State led UCLA by 11 at halftime but that wasn’t what anyone was talking about. Instead, Spartans head coach Tom Izzo and Junior Gabe Brown got into a shouting match that ended up with the two getting in each others’ face.

This started right before halftime when Brown blew a defensive assignment on the final play of the half that led to a long two by UCLA. Sophomore Malik Hall first went after Brown, motioning to his eyes toward Brown. Then Izzo went to Brown as the two of them got into it. Izzo pulled Brown by the shirt and then as they were heading back to the locker room, Brown quickly turned around as Izzo ran after him and the two got back into it.

At the start of the second half, sideline reporter Allie LaForce said they resolved things in the locker room as Izzo got back to coaching the team so we’ll see if this affects the Spartans in the second half and they can hold onto their lead.

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