Nolan Smith at SEC Media Days.

The annual SEC Media Days are always good for some notable quotes, and Georgia Bulldogs’ linebacker Nolan Smith certainly delivered several of those Wednesday. In an interview with Peter Burns of SEC Network, Smith started by discussing how the reigning national champion Bulldogs view the target on their backs.

Smith then moved on to discussing his unconventional fishing technique. And he wrapped this up by saying (in response to a question about who could lift more, him or SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow) “As you age, your bones get brittle” and questioning if Tebow can still squat 500 pounds.

The Tebow discussion there starts around 0:50, with Burns saying “I saw you talking to Tim Tebow. Right now, in the weight room, who puts up more weight, you or Tebow?” Smith says “Tebow looks big, but as you age, your bones get brittle. I don’t want to call Tebow out, but I’m pretty sure…he looks good, looks the part, but can he really still squat 500?” Burns then says “Inquiring minds want to know” and throws back to the set, and a laughing Tebow says “Nolan, I might have to send you a video, young man.”

The weightlifting discussion there is certainly funny, especially with “as you age, your bones get brittle” (Tebow will be 35 next month) and with Smith calling Tebow out after saying he didn’t want to call him out. However, perhaps even the funnier moment from this interview is how Smith’s initial talk of “We’re going to hunt and not be hunted” leads into Burns asking a follow-up about if Smith likes to Hunt or fish, and Smith revealing the unusual way he catches catfish (0:40):

“Man, all you need is a hot dog to catch a catfish. Really. I’m from the country. You put a hot dog in there for 10 seconds, you catch anything in the water.”

Maybe after the weightlifting contest, Smith and Tebow can have a fishing contest.

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