Georgia's Jake Fromm hit a ref in the head with this errant throw.

When football plays are blown dead ahead of the snap, you often see the quarterback toss the ball to the referee. It’s rarer to see the quarterback actually peg the referee in the head while doing so, but that’s what Georgia Bulldogs’ quarterback Jake Fromm did following a timeout during their game against Kentucky Saturday:

It’s hilarious how the announcers don’t even notice and the broadcast just goes to commercial, sadly depriving us of slow-motion replays of Football In The Face. It may not have the Best Picture quality of Football In The Groin, but it’s not far off. Fortunately, the ref seemed to be okay, and the game continued, with Georgia picking up a 42-13 win. And at least this throw wasn’t picked off, unlike another Fromm pass on the day; he finished with nine completions on 14 attempts for 123 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. And it should be kept in mind that he’s doing very well indeed on the season, especially for a true freshman. But still, you probably don’t want to go around hitting referees in the head.

[Matt Clapp on Clippit]

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