When a university decides to unveil a new stadium, it normally comes with glitz and glamour. Georgia State may have shut it all down without doing anything too fancy.

As the Braves move away from Turner Field, Georgia State is taking over the land, these renderings are the first and they are pretty unbelievable.




Renderings are often times much more grand then the final product. In this case though, it’s a great first sign for this Sun Belt Conference team. While the the football stadium is very nice, the baseball stadium is also exceedingly gorgeous.

For those that are still upset with the way that the Atlanta Braves abandoned this site, maybe they’ll get some solace in the fact that they still get to watch the game.

Georgia State is making in roads like crazy and are making sure that their facilities are up to the standard of many other schools. The rest of the Sun Belt better watch out.

[Georgia State]

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