Georgia Tech kick returner Jerry Howard avoids a meltdown on the opening kickoff against Georgia on Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017. Credit: ESPN

It may be the final week of college football’s regular season, with a few exceptions, so Georgia Tech made sure to file their application for worst kickoff return of the year just under the deadline.

Georgia Tech returned the opening kickoff against Georgia all the way to the half-yard line. That sounds awesome, right? The Yellow Jackets, looking to pull an upset on the SEC Championship Game-bound Bulldogs are knocking on the doorstep for a quick touchdown to start the day, right?

Oh, you are so horribly wrong about that, because that’s not the half-yard line we are talking about. Georgia Tech returned the opening kickoff all the way to their own half-yard line.

The good news for Georgia Tech? This ended up not costing them as much field position as it initially appeared. Because Jerry Howard waved for a fair catch, officials had to blow the play dead as soon as he maintained possession of the football. The video replay shows Howard actually gained possession of the football inside the end zone, which is good for a touchback even though he had to travel back to get the football.

First and 10 from the Georgia Tech 25-yard line. That could have been a big mess for Georgia Tech if the officials were not on the ball.

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