Art Briles in 2015 WACO, TX – OCTOBER 24: Baylor Bears head coach Art Briles watches his team before the Iowa State Cyclones take on the Baylor Bears at McLane Stadium on October 24, 2015 in Waco, Texas. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

After a significant amount of backlash in the short time since he was hired, Art Briles will not be the offensive coordinator at Grambling State.

The backlash to Briles being hired was swift. To try to ease the tension, Briles gave an interview regarding the massive sexual assault scandal and coverup that happened while he was at Baylor, which led to his dismissal. Grambling coach, Hue Jackson issued a statement, as well. But none of that did any good. In fact, Jackson might have made matters worse for himself.

Hours after Jackson’s statement, Pete Thamel of ESPN reported that Briles will not be the Tigers offensive coordinator, after all.


While there were a lot of reactions to the news, most fell into one of two categories.

The first category was people who couldn’t help but laugh at Briles’ remarkably short tenure with the Tigers.

The second category was people who were critical of Jackson and Baylor, pointing out that Briles should never have been hired to begin with. There were plenty of those.

This was a disaster in every sense of the word. If there’s one positive to draw from, it’s this. Despite the unavoidable news going on in Ukraine, the decision to hire Briles did not fly under anyone’s radar. It was noticed and criticized to a point that just days after he was hired, Briles left. Every other university (and any other football team, for that matter) no doubt took notice of this and saw how much scrutiny they got.

If any decision-makers for colleges or other football teams were considering hiring Briles, they now know the backlash that will come. More likely than not, that means that Briles will not be hired to coach football again. If he is, it will demonstrate even worse judgment than what Jackson and Grambling showed.

[Pete Thamel, ESPN]

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