SEC commissioner Greg Sankey kicked off 2022 SEC media week on Monday and a whole slew of topics came up, including the ongoing conference realignment that is reshaping college football.

Naturally, Sankey was asked whether the impending arrival of Oklahoma & Texas to the SEC “trumped” the Big Ten’s acquisition of the UCLA Bruins and USC  Trojans.

“Yes. But I’m not sure if I want to use the word trumped all the time these days,” Sankey said.

That’s a cheeky answer considering Former President Donald Trump endeared himself to many SEC fans in his interactions with the Alabama football team and his appearance at the 2020 National Championship Game featuring LSU. His decision to serve college athletes fast food during their visits to the White House certainly had its defenders.

Still, there are certainly a lot of good reasons why you wouldn’t want to associate your brand with the former President either, so Sankey’s comments are understandable, even if he was just making a quick joke.

Whether or not there’s anything else to the one-liner, the college football world certainly took notice on Twitter and offered up some cheeky reactions of their own.

We’ll see if this gets back to Trump and if he has anything to say about it, wherever it is that he says things since he’s banned from Twitter.

[Brett McMurphy]

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