There are a lot of bowl games and not many of them are compelling. It is just the nature of bowl season.

You’ll get yourself some duds but if teams prepare correctly or try to use it as a learning experience, it can make for great football.

When Hawaii faced off against Middle Tennessee State, not many people outside rabid college football fans were going to be tuning in. For people that didn’t tune in, they may have missed one of the better fake punts in recent memory.

Hawaii snapper Noah Borden snapped the ball over the head of punter Rigoberto Sanchez, and the snap flew to receiver Makoa Camanse-Stevens. Camanse-Stevens and Sanchez sold the pretty well, confusing Middle Tennessee State enough to be able to pull off this amazing pass play.

Not only did Hawaii fool Middle Tennessee State by having a player be 20 yards nonchalantly walking behind the line of scrimmage, they even fooled both the camera operators and the announcers themselves.

This may end up being copied by some team next year but if they are smart, they will continue to innovate and make the next great play like this.

Distractions and misdirections are key. It is college football in a nutshell.

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