The world of college football recruiting has become completely insane, but every now and then one piece of news stands out above the rest. Today is one of those days as 11-year-old Hawaii native Titan Lacaden announced on Twitter that Hawaii has offered him a scholarship, one-upping Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin, who offered a scholarship to a sixth grader last week.

The news seems legit as Titan’s older brother Jake Lacaden, a former linebacker at Nevada, also tweeted about the offer.

Ain’t that something. Probably not as crazy as a random guy successfully trolling media outlets by faking his way as a Division I recruit. But crazy nonetheless.

Lacaden is only in fifth grade, which means he’ll be in the Class of 2024. Even though he’s still several years away from signing a Letter of Intent, he’s already got a Hudl profile that lists him as a QB/FS and has plenty of highlight reels.

And here’s Titan throwing a pretty beautiful 15-yard touchdown pass during a championship game.

I don’t think I even understood what a scholarship was in fifth grade. Who knows how Lacaden will grow and develop, but hopefully this motivates him to get better instead of getting complacent.

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