Howard's roster left forward Ibrahim Dosunmu off.

College basketball sometimes produces strange situations, and one in the Howard-Indiana game Sunday definitely lived up to that. At the end of the first half, Howard was given a technical foul for using a player who didn’t appear on their roster or in the official scorebook. Here’s the Big Ten Network broadcast’s later recap and overview of the situation:

And here’s how it went down in real time:

The player in question, Ibrahim Dosunmu, appeared on the Howard roster as a freshman last year. But for whatever reason, the current Howard roster doesn’t have him, and it appears he wasn’t on the lineup submitted to the officials. That’s an odd situation indeed, and one that may have hurt Howard a bit; the Bison were down by nine with four seconds left in the first half when this happened, and this helped Indiana widen the lead. The Hoosiers eventually won 86-77.

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