Hugh Freeze chait

In week one of the 2019 college football season, Liberty Flames head coach Hugh Freeze made his debut in a hospital bed located in the coaches’ booth while recovering from a potentially life-threatening staph infection. In week two, Freeze traveled with the team to Louisiana for their game against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns and coached from above while sitting in what was essentially a dental chair.

Each week, Freeze’s condition seems to be improving (even if his football team’s on-field condition does not). So the big question headed into this week’s game between Liberty and Buffalo was…where in the stadium will Hugh Freeze be?

Turns out, he’ll finally be down on the sidelines. However, he’s not done coaching from strange places just yet.

It appears that Hugh will be sitting on an office chair with a mini-stand and podium in front of him, all on top of a raised platform. It’s perfect.

It remains unclear if Freeze will be sticking around to conduct the halftime show as well.

At this point, this is the best thing in the history of Liberty football (and, let’s face it, the only good thing about the university). Hopefully, they keep it going even when Freeze is feeling better. Each game, Hugh should be coaching from a different spot in the stadium. One week he’s in the stands asking the people next to him for play calls. The next week he’s atop a crane high above the field, looking directly down at the action.

Clemson has Howard’s Rock. Auburn has Toomer’s Corner. Liberty’s iconic tradition needs to be Hugh Freeze Coaching From Random Places.

[Damien Sordelett]

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