When thinking of March Madness, images of buzzer-beaters, shocking upsets, and things that happen on the floor usually come to mind. But Thursday’s game between the Indiana Hoosiers and St. Mary’s Gaels gave us a different kind of moment — one that was no less memorable.

Normally when a ball is stuck, it’s between the rim and backboard. Most players can easily jump up and knock the ball loose. But when the ball is stuck behind the hoop, it’s a different challenge. That happened during Indiana’s NCAA Tournament game with St. Mary’s.

Fortunately for all involved, a Hoosiers cheerleader was on the spot to solve the problem.

The moment drew a big reaction not only in Portland but also on Twitter with people watching.


As one could tell by looking at the scoreboard, it wasn’t a great day for Indiana. The Hoosiers trailed 45-29 at the time and things only got worse from there.

But while a deep run isn’t happening for Indiana, some users were happy to see the Hoosiers get one highlight before bowing out.

One even had a creative idea.

There’s a lot of basketball left to be played before we hear “One Shining Moment” at the end of the National Championship Game. But plenty of tweeters called for this moment to make the montage.

We can’t argue.


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