Iowa is ranked #2 in the AP poll thanks to their strong wins, but a lot of those victories came after slow starts.

That trend is repeating itself today at home against Purdue, with the Boilermakers taking a 7-0 lead in the first quarter. The Hawkeyes had a chance to cut into the lead with a chip shot field goal try from senior Caleb Shudak.

It didn’t go well!

So that’s bad! Probably one of the worst kicks you’ll see this year, and surely not equaled by Purdue on their very next possession!


That’s Mitchell Fineran shoving one waaaaay wide, like a soccer player skying a free kick into the upper bleachers.

That we got two funny misses that are so different from each other (the dead pull squib and the airmail push) is very fun. One thing that’s important to note: close-range field goals in college are harder than they are in the NFL thanks to the wider hashes. Both of these tries involved the kicker trying to either pull or push the ball on a tighter angle, which pro kickers don’t have to do.

But, hey, comedy is comedy.

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