As Baylor’s investigation remains ongoing, former head coach Art Briles and the Baylor football program continue to grab headlines.

On Oct. 28, the Wall Street Journal reported Briles had been notified of an alleged gang rape, one of several involving Baylor players.

Despite these heinous findings, support for Briles around the team and among many fans remains steadfast. Tonight against TCU, it appears the team will be wearing all black uniforms in support of Briles. The school called for the team to wear green uniforms back in June against their rivals.

While many around the university are denying that the jerseys are in support of the former coach, a lot of evidence is pointing to the contrary.

Multiple players have tweeted out remarks in support for the disgraced former coach, those tweets later were either deleted or used to show that the original meaning had been skewed in some way.

Getting much confirmation on any of it has been tough to do. Once one person comes out with anything definitive or solid, it is either deleted or an excuse is given.

The program, the coaches and the university itself are all responsible for the culture and environment that have been allowed down in Waco. The black jerseys, whether they are in support of Briles or not is an act of defiance that should not sit well with anyone.

Not only should they tread lightly, they should remove themselves from any controversy at all. If they continue the way they have, they’ll find Baylor without a team in short order.

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