James Franklin showed the media much, much more than they expected to see during Penn State Media Day on Saturday.

The Nittany Lions’ head football coach explained how the team usually chooses to go swimming or bowling instead of practice for a day in the summer. But this time, the team went with paintball.

That didn’t go well for Franklin.

Via the Centre Times:

“It was this great idea. Great idea,” Franklin said with a smile. “The rules were, when you got shot, you put your gun above your head and run off the field and no one is supposed to shoot you.”

Well, that rule wasn’t necessarily followed. Franklin was shot, and as he was walking off, “The entire team sprayed me.”

“Most of those shots came when I wasn’t supposed to be getting hit,” Franklin said, shaking his head. “I’m running off the field, and it’s like pop, pop, pop. Great idea on the front end. Not really good in terms of the execution of it.”

Franklin then stood up and showed the media the assortment of bruises he was left with, including one on his backside.

Look for Penn State to go back to the bowling or swimming next summer.

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