Michigan is 7-2, and currently pounding Maryland on their way to 8-2. But it’s a weird season nevertheless, because the Wolverines lost Penn State and Michigan State relatively early on. Obviously neither of those losses look that bad at the moment, and should the Wolverines win out with victories over Wisconsin and Ohio State (no small ask), it will have actually been a fantastic year given the fact they were expected to be rebuilding.

Jim Harbaugh, though, is not a man whose intensity wanes. It’s 110% more than what a normal, reasonable human being’s 110% would be.

Today, that manifested itself as a brief shouting match with sophomore kicker Quinn Nordin after a missed field goal, despite being up 28-0 at the time:

And Harbaugh and Nordin used to be so tight!

I’d say lighten up, Jim, but it’s not going to happen.

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