A day after haggling over sunglasses in the streets of Rome, Jim Harbaugh had to be escorted outside of a mall after tossing a football around indoors. He also bought a selfie stick. When in Rome…

Who hasn’t wanted to toss the pigskin around in the middle of a mall? Jim Harbaugh did, because he always does. There were cameras huddled around him to capture his every move. As Harbaugh caught a pass from an unidentified passer in the concourse of a mall, a security guard approached to let Harbaugh know that was not allowed. Harbaugh complies immediately and says they are done, then checks to see if they can continue outside.

Can we just pause a moment to once again mention that Harbaugh really does wear the same thing every day, and is hardly ever found not wearing his Michigan cap? But hey, it sells the program, right? This trip to Italy is clearly following through on the PR push as the media documents every single action and development abroad. So far, it’s been a hit.

But what tourist trip is complete without one of the most ridiculous tourist items known to man; the selfie stick? Harbaugh purchased one, although we do not know if he haggled over the price this time. He used it right away, too, of course:

He seems to be getting the hang of this thing:

Just think, Harbaugh and Michigan still get to meet the Pope on this trip. Here’s hoping the Pope will take time to pose for a selfie with Harbaugh using the coach’s new toy. Surely, somewhere, an oddsmaker has set that as a prop bet.

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