Well, we can confirm once and for all that Jim Harbaugh is not Jewish.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor is currently paying up on a marketing promotion that offered a percentage off your bill based on how much the Michigan football team defeated their opponent by the previous weekend. So if they won by 20 points, you get 20 percent off your bill.

Well, Rutgers got involved and now this Ruth’s Chris is offering a 78 percent discount to anyone who mentions the program within the allotted timeframe. You can argue that it’s a terrible turn of events but then again they’ve gotten more publicity out of it than they ever would have gotten otherwise, so don’t laugh too hard at them. They’re probably still cleaning up.

The deal did not go unnoticed by one Jim Harbaugh, the man somewhat responsible for the hefty discount. The Michigan head coach stopped by recently to have a steak dinner himself

And that’s when you notice that Harbaugh is having a goblet of milk with his steak. We know that you notice it because a lot of other people certainly noticed it as well.


It’s actually no surprise to find out Harbaugh likes to guzzle milk with his meals. He’s spoken previously about how he would drink milk (not that “candy ass two-percent” milk, FYI) so that he could grow up to play quarterback. Guess he’s still drinking it just in case.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with drinking milk while eating meat (unless you’re kosher) but it’s just one of those things, like putting ketchup on a hot dog, where you’re probably on one side or the other and you’re never gonna change your mind.


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