One of the best things about Jim Harbaugh is his ability to not take college football too seriously, especially when it comes to interacting with fans.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has kicked people out of his practices for wearing blue. Meanwhile, Harbaugh had some fun with Ohio State fans from Italy who showed up to the Buckeyes’ Rome practice decked out in Buckeyes gear.

According to Angelique Chengelis of The Detroit News, Harbaugh and the fans had some fun with each other:

“We’ve only sent four or five videos to Urban,” Alicia Sexton, a military teacher based in Naples and an OSU alum, said jokingly, referring to Ohio State coach Urban Meyer after practice Thursday.

Sexton said they came in peace and like what Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has done.

“We love the Big Ten,” Sexton said. “We really are appreciative to Jim Harbaugh. We love that the rivalry is back, and it makes watching the game in November fun. Harbaugh has definitely brought the rivalry back.”

After practice, Harbaugh jokingly made the gesture with his two fingers pointing to his eyes and then to the OSU fans.

“I’ve still got my eyes on those guys,” he said laughing. “Still a little suspicious.”

Harbaugh has now met a number of rival fans during his trip to Italy. He met a Michigan State fan when he visited the Pope.

Yet another reason why Jim Harbaugh is awesome.

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