Over the years, we have come to learn a few things about Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Among them is the fact that Harbaugh loves his khakis at a good, honest price. The second is that he is a big fan of milk. Now we know just how devoted Harbaugh is to peanuts.

Harbaugh is the star of a new commercial for Planters, where the head coach of the Wolverines walks up to a machine that talks back to passersby in a mall. After being asked to declare his love for peanuts, Harbaugh kicks it up more than a few notches to show just how much he wants some peanuts.

Man, I’d hate to be sitting next to Harbaugh on a plane that runs out of those little bags of peanuts.

Harbaugh discussed this promo in an interview with GQ, where he continued to explain his love for peanuts and what motivated him for the commercial. Harbaugh says he was just trying to be like the peanut vendor at a baseball game.

“Kind of channeling the ballpark guy: GET YOUR PEANUTS! PEANUTS HERE! GET YER PEANUTS! I think they enlisted me because I’ve got a great coach voice,” Harbaugh suggested. “It’s gonna be going around the country, and it’s an opportunity for people to get peanuts. And mixed nuts!”

And this isn’t apparently just for show. Harbaugh says he is a big fan of peanuts and peanut butter. Harbaugh even claims to have been making his own crunchy peanut butter before such a thing existed!

“My dad and I are the two that love them the most in our family,” Harbaugh said. “And peanut butter! Before they had crunchy peanut butter, I would put peanuts in the creamy peanut butter.”

I have to admit, that’s a pretty good strategy. But if that’s not enough crunch for you, Harbaugh even says he will sometimes put a potato chip in his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“I enjoy the classic peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with the extra crunchy peanuts,” Harbaugh said. “And also, from time to time, I like to put the classic potato chip for extra crunch.”

OK, now that’s just going too far. I’m all about unity and all that, but when it comes to food it is just not right to combine some things. Peanut butter and jelly should be kept separate from potato chips, and there is no arguing against that.

But if you think that is weird, Harbaugh says hold my beer whole milk. This khaki-loving coach says he’ll even workout in khakis.

Do your game day khakis differ from your going out to dinner khakis, or your lounge khakis?
No. Just pretty much the same one. That’s the best part about them. You can go anywhere and be dressed appropriately: game day, or church, or out to dinner. The movies. I can workout in my khakis. And do. They’re similar to sweatpants. Coaching, [they’re] great because they’ve got pockets to put your pens and scripts. Chewing gum. Et cetera.

So you’ll go running in those?
Yeah. If I work out, I stay with the khakis.

This man must be stopped. He has gone too far.


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