Jim Harbaugh milk

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is a big fan of milk, and he’s darn proud to say he downs whole milk on a regular basis. While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, Harbaugh was asked about his desire for whole milk and it was recommended by Patrick the team celebrate by dousing the coach in milk instead of Gatorade.

Harbaugh went on to suggest milk is already a part of Michigan’s celebration routine, which seems pretty odd. Then again, Harbaugh is an odd character.

“Urban Meyer drinks one percent, by the way,” Dan Patrick informed Harbaugh.

“We refuse to drink the candy-ass skim milk or the one percent, ” Harbaugh replied to a roaring applause from the Danettes (for some reason). “We won’t have any of that.”

The whole milk conversation came up due to Harbaugh’s appearance with his wife in a commercial for Fairlife Milk.

It feels entirely fitting that in the grand history of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, that a new war over milk is ignited in a conference that is home to some of the top dairies in the country. Of course, maybe this can lead to other forms of competition between Michigan and Ohio State. Perhaps an Oreo dunking contest using your preferred milk?

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