Jimbo Fisher

During the offseason, Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher made waves around the college football world with their very public feud when Fisher blasting Saban after Saban accused him and his team of buying players.

Now with the upcoming college football season just weeks away, Fisher has a blunt message about the offseason drama, telling ESPN that “it’s time to shut up and play.”

“We’re talented and have established that we can start stacking a huge number of the right guys in our program,” Fisher told ESPN on Friday. “We’ve still got great challenges this year. We gotta go prove it. Hey, it’s time to shut up and play, just go play. Don’t worry about what people say. Don’t worry about what happened this summer between me and Nick.”

During their appearances at SEC Media Days last month, both coaches said that they had put the offseason drama to rest, revealing that they have no beef with each other and had moved on.

While it’s encouraging that the two former colleagues have made amends, their offseason feud is still going to provide all kinds of hype and storylines for the teams’ matchup on Oct. 8.