After exchanging barbs with each other, the tension between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban has cooled

The feud pitting Alabama head football coach Nick Saban against his Texas A&M counterpart, Jimbo Fisher feud has been put to rest, at least off the field. According to both coaches this week at SEC Media Days, they have no beef with each other and they have both moved on.

Fisher made that statement on Thursday during his press conference.

“Listen, we’re great,” Fisher said to reporters, per “Two competitive guys who go at it. We all learn from things we do in our business. We’ve got two competitive guys on a topic that is very everywhere, as they say. There’s no rules with this thing. Where it goes, every state has different laws. … I heard a statement he made. The arguments we had in the staff room and on the basketball court and all those things. On the basketball court, we didn’t have them. We were always on the same team. So we usually had them against other people. I have great respect for Nick.

“Unfortunately, our thing went public. Sometimes that happens in this world. Nothing’s private anymore, is it? … We move on from there.”

Fisher blasted Saban after Saban accused him and his team of buying players. Saban also called out Jackson State and their head coach, Deion Sanders, as well.

But like in the Fisher feud, Saban has kissed and made up with Sanders as well and they were seen together doing another Aflac commercial recently.

Fisher and Saban will renew their rivalry in October, when the Aggies go to Tuscaloosa to face the Crimson Tide on October 8.

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