After an outburst last week when Alabama head coach Nick Saban said that Texas A&M bought all their players, Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher doubled down on what he considers lies about the team’s recruiting practices.

Fisher, in an interview with a San Antonio TV station on Sunday, said that only one player from their latest recruiting class actually has a NIL deal.

“I just researched this,” Fisher said in the interview. “Of the 11 guys we have in place that came early? One guy has a NIL deal. So all these stories you’re hearing are complete lies.”

Fisher blames social media for why stories of A&M’s questionable recruiting practices came about.

“It was written on social media,” Fisher said to reporter Greg Simmons. “You got news channels [that] believed it. And you believed it.”

Then Fisher went at Simmons, asking the interviewer if he’s done his research before sitting down to discuss the allegations.

“Did you do your research?” asked Fisher. “No, so you just assumed. And that’s the way this world goes now. As soon as it’s written on social media and someone says it, you believe it. So where does that put you guys as reporters?

“Nobody wants the truth. You want a story and a click and a hit.”

Fisher reiterated that he hasn’t spoken to Nick Saban or accepted an apology.

“No, we haven’t talked,” he said, Then he said, “I said we’re not talking.”

Alabama and Texas A&M play on October 8 and SEC fans can’t wait for that day to get here.


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