John Calipari CLEVELAND, OH – MARCH 28: Head coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats reacts on the sideline in the first half against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the Midwest Regional Final of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament at Quicken Loans Arena on March 28, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

John Calipari, the man most credited with revolutionizing the “one-and-done” phenomenon in college basketball, is not changing his ways anytime soon.

Calipari was accosted by a TMZ Sports reporter Sunday, and after politely answering questions about the newest book he’s been working on, gave a brief, impassioned stump speech for keeping the “one-and-done” rules as they are.

“If it’s your son, you want him out in a year to go to the NBA,” he said. “If it’s someone else’s son, you want him in for four years.

“Look, I’m for the kids,” Calipari continued. “Whatever’s best for them, I’m all in.”

You may hate how the one-and-done system has changed college basketball and you may even hate Calipari for taking advantage of that system, but Calipari makes a simple, yet effective argument here for keeping the rules as they are.

He also recently sat down with Charles Barkley for a podcast in which the subject of “one-and-done” players came up, and both parties shared similar beliefs on the system.

If anything, the fact players are not allowed to go to the NBA directly from high school is the real problem with the system, so “one-and-done” will have to do for now.

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