John Daly with Stormy Buonantony.

The Arkansas Razorbacks’ 24-10 Outback Bowl win over the Penn State Nittany Lions Saturday featured a well-known name; professional golfer John Daly. Daly attended Arkansas from 1984-87 on a golf scholarship, and he’s continued to support the school since then; his son, John Daly II, is on the Razorbacks’ current golf team, and father and son combined to win the 2021 PNC Challenge in December (over Tiger and Charlie Woods). In Tampa Saturday, Daly was on the Razorbacks’ sidelines during the game, and he did a sideline interview with ESPN’s Stormy Buonantony, saying he didn’t offer the players pre-game advice, but he did buy them pizza the night before:

Daly was shown on the stadium video board as well:

And after the win, Daly celebrated with the team on the field:

That’s cool to see Daly supporting his alma mater’s team this way. And players and fans clearly got a kick out of him being there. (And for the players, apparently some pizza as well.)

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