As it is with most people in the Bill Belichick coaching tree, Alabama head coach Nick Saban isn’t the most expressive guy in public. Unless you want to talk about football, and especially Alabama football, Saban gives off the impression he wouldn’t be fun at parties.

Behind the scenes, Saban might be a more fun guy, even willing to crack a joke. And according to Raiders rookie running back Josh Jacobs, Saban has an affinity for a specific type of joke.

On Friday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Jacobs was a guest and the former Alabama player said that Saban enjoyed telling “Deez Nuts” jokes.

“Deez Nuts” jokes aren’t exactly the newest concept, and Jacobs even claims he told Saban that he hadn’t heard one of those jokes since middle school, but it shows Saban at least has a sense of humor. Jacobs noted that Saban is “funnier than people think he is,” and given what he lets the public see, that might be true once you get to know him away from public. Just don’t expect a “Deez Nuts” joke in the postgame press conference this weekend.

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