It’s almost College World Series time, the one time of the year people care about a version of baseball played with aluminum bats. Fortunately, that brand of baseball can lead to some fantastic highlights, and this catch is one of them.

Iowa took on Minnesota tonight in the Big Ten Tournament, taking place in Bloomington at Indiana University. The quirks of Indiana’s Bart Kaufman Field include a weird, Minute Maid Park-esque facade down the left field line in foul territory.

That came into play when Iowa’s Chris Whelan went for this ball:

That is such a great catch given the weird wall, and the fact that Whelan doesn’t play at that stadium that often.

It actually might not have been the best catch of the night, though; in the top of the 10th, Minnesota’s Matt Stemper did this, with two men on and two out:

That may very well have been a game-saving play; as it stands, the game is in the bottom of the 12th inning on BTN.

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