This Kent State punt from Dustin Crum didn't go well.

One of the worst punts you’ll ever see happened in the Kent State Golden Flashes-Buffalo Bulls MACtion on ESPNU Tuesday. There were massive winds of up to 60 miles per hour expected for this one, sparking a pre-game Reddit thread on if the wind could help the kickers possibly set a NCAA record (67 yards, so it’s going to be tough). Well, the winds haven’t produced any amazingly long field goals so far, but they did play a role in a disastrous punt.

With the Golden Flashes down 21-0 late in the first half and facing fourth and eight into a wind estimated at 30 miles per hour at that point, head coach Sean Lewis kept the offense out there, but with backup quarterback Dustin Crum in the shotgun; Crum then dropped back further before taking the snap to try and get off a surprise punt. Well, he did get the punt off, but it was mostly surprising for how far it didn’t go:

Yep, that’s a punt for no gain. Let’s take a closer look at it:

The snap’s high, and Crum has to jump a bit for it, but he isn’t under particular pressure at the time he kicks. It seems likely the wind did affect his drop, though, causing him to make poor contact. And he does get it to go a few yards; he hits the ball around the Kent State 44, and it travels as far as about the Buffalo 47 (so nine yards or so), but then gets blown back and goes out of bounds at the Buffalo 49, where the Golden Flashes scrimmaged..

And the Bulls promptly scored on the next drive to make it 27-0 (with a blocked conversion), so this didn’t go well at all for Crum and Kent State. Of course, he did pull off an impressive fake field goal last week, so it’s not like this season has been all bad for him. Still, this play certainly won’t be his favorite one to relive.

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