After experiencing the thrill of victory over Florida for the first time in their lives, Kentucky students took to the streets to celebrate. And what do college students do when they are celebrating in the streets? Only things that will lead to some calls to insurance companies. In this case, somebody will have to explain to their insurance agent that their car was flipped by rowdy students.

Twice. Technically, three times.

Yes, that’s right. One person’s poor car was on the receiving end of a random car flipping by students, leaving it sitting upside down on the street.

These types of things do happen, and this is hardly out of the ordinary for some dumb college shenanigans. The car was eventually flipped back right side up though, not that that will undo any damage to the exterior of the vehicle.

It was at this point it seems police arrived on the scene to take care of things and calm everybody down.

But seeing the car back on its four wheels was not satisfactory to Kentucky students, and the car was flipped once more.

Here’s hoping the owner of this car has a forgiving and understanding insurance company to deal with. But maybe Kentucky fans will be inspired to start up a crowd-funding initiative to help take care of the expenses that will come out of this.

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