If there’s one thing college coaches love, it’s trying to inspire their team by prohibiting players from wearing clothing with team logos.

The latest coach to fall victim to this inspiration attempt is Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Following a disappointing 5-7 season, Kingsbury has banned Red Raiders players from wearing clothing with the common Texas Tech logo until further notice, in an attempt to decrease player entitlement.

Ugh. So many reasons why this bugs me.

First off, is there anyone that really takes that much pride in that logo? I know if you play there, that’s technically what you’re playing for. But to me, that’s ridiculous. That logo is nowhere near iconic enough to be worshiped like that.

Also, who all of a sudden is going to be inspired because they can’t wear team logos into the building? Is this generation of players this shallow? If this is what you need to get motivated, it’s probably a good time to look in the mirror. In the real world, a boss isn’t going to ban certain clothing to increase productivity.

Finally, there’s the fact the coach himself hasn’t looked in the mirror. Though the team has made two bowl games under this Ryan Gosling look-alike, they’ve never finished above .500 in Big 12 play.

This attempt might help change that trend, but I think they need to align their focus with winning more games instead of wearing the correct gear to the football facility.


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