On a recent episode of the Pardon My Take Podcast, Gonzaga star Kyle Wiltjer was asked whether he wanted to be compared to the first major Zags star player Adam Morrison, or “the Poor Man’s Christian Laettner”. He said no, ostensibly because crying on the court after choking in the Sweet 16 is bad enough before becoming an NBA bust. But Wiltjer had another far more interesting reason.

“The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse,” Wiltjer said. “He’s got food stationed away. Everything. He could survive everything. … Yeah, he’s got guns. A bunker. Everything.”

Wiltjer hasn’t seen it (if he did he probably would be trapped there forever), but he’s heard the stories.

“I haven’t fully seen it. I’ve just heard the myth. But I’ve talked to him about it.”

Why would Morrison have a bunker in the first place? “He thinks something is going down with politics … He thinks everyone is corrupt.”

Pictured: Adam Morrison and friends.
Pictured: Adam Morrison and friends.

Adam Morrison believes that because the Illuminati didn’t favor Gonzaga to win a National Championship, that all politicians are corrupt and are conspiring with Russia to poison our water supply to kill us all so they can start a new world together (maybe).

Stay woke, fam.

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